A powerhouse of energy, channelling the grit and sweat of 70’s punk rock, GOLDMINDS is a meeting of experience and exposure. The quartet from Melbourne, Australia released their debut album ‘SIGNALS’ in 2020 – via the band’s own label ‘Romantic Rights’ – and was nominated for the 2020 Australian Music Prize album of the year.



A four-piece shooting straight from the hip, GOLDMINDS waste no time in conjuring their own breed of formidable chaos. Drawing power from her femme consciousness, singer Courtney Constantinou is unapologetic, lawless and commanding, delivering her message with finesse and fury. Born not with a silver spoon in their mouth, but a hot knife in their hand, GOLDMINDS have been kicking up the dirt from floors in living rooms, dive bars and iconic music venues across the city since 2019. With the arrival of covid-19 stopping the rock n roll industry in its tracks, the band spent most of 2020 in lockdown – circling their cages like hungry beasts waiting for a meal.



The bite of blistering guitars, monstrous grooves and gunfire rhythms lay the foundation for a mammoth live show that grip the attention of audiences. The band’s first offering is as raw and authentic as they come. Recorded in the back alleys of St. Kilda at Hothouse Studios with Jez Giddings and producer Michael Badger (King Gizzard, Amyl & the Sniffers), the album packs a punch as it offers a taste of what can be expected live.


There’s a good chance that if you were to ask any fan of Aussie rock about just who was leading the charge, they just might return with the name Goldminds” – Rolling Stone

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There’s not much about Melbourne band Goldminds that gives away that they’re making music in the present day. You could sandwich them in just about any vintage hard-rock compilation, or even a garage-rock revival playlist, and listeners wouldn’t so much as bat an eyelid” – NME

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There’s a chance it might just be one of the year’s best records, and after months of waiting, Goldminds officially release their debut album, Signals” – Tone Deaf

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Take the scissor-sharp pogoing twists of Nobody Wants You (mixing snotty new wave, Status Quo and X-Ray Spex), or the rolling storm of Anxiety (which straddles Motorhead, The Hard Ons and The Hellacopters)” – Bernard Zuel

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